Clean Diesel Power

That Works Harder For You

In today’s global economy, diesel power remains the most effective, practical power source for long-haul transportation (trucking and marine), fueling heavy equipment and power generation. Heavy loads require high torque that electric vehicles just can’t deliver. That’s why 90% of all goods around the globe continue to be moved by diesel. There simply isn’t an effective, efficient, or economically feasible alternative at this time.

But Diesel is Not Without Its Challenges

Heavy Carbon Emissions


Diesel exhaust accounts for 35% of global greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. Every gallon of diesel burned creates 22.2 pounds of CO2. In older engines, it also means productivity losses every week due to Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) regeneration.

Fuel Inefficiencies


Typical diesel combustion efficiency is only 70%, wasting energy every time fuel combusts, resulting in less-than optimum performance in both MPG and torque. The remaining, partially burned fuel becomes black soot (diesel particulates) and nitrous oxide (NOx), which negatively affect air quality, producing green-house gases, smog and acid rain.

Engine Wear and Tear


Wear and tear generated by partially burned fuel deposits can reduce power output and fuel efficiency of a diesel engine by 18% or greater over a truck’s first 250,000 miles.  Inefficient combustion creates carbon buildup in the engine, increasing the need for more frequent oil, filter, and emissions system replacements that drive up maintenance costs and erode profits.

Increase The Performance And Productivity Of Your Diesel Fleet

For fleets operating against razor-thin margins, the aftermarket addition of D-HAT H2 generators to your diesel equipment provides a smart and practical pathway to realizing more effective and sustainable operations through safe and reliable hydrogen-assisted combustion. It helps to create clean diesel power that works harder for you (so your equipment doesn’t have to).

D-HAT improves the performance, utilization, and longevity of your diesel operations by:

  • Increasing torque so you can carry large payloads more profitably.
  • Improving fleet productivity by recovering lost hours spent every week on regeneration cycles.
  • Extending the life of your diesel engines by reducing carbon build-up, increasing engine durability, and minimizing the risk of engine failure.

Transition to More Effective Diesel Operations With Hydrogen On Demand

Practically any large diesel combustion engine that runs on diesel fuel can use a D-HAT H2 generator to save money and meet consumer and regulatory demands for clean power. Our systems are guaranteed to contribute to operational excellence and increase profitability by making your diesel engines run cleaner longer and more efficiently.

hydrogen green fuel

Industry Solutions

D-HAT H2 generators can be modified and scaled to meet a broad range of commercial and industrial applications, including trucks, buses, heavy equipment, marine vessels, and more.

HOD Tec generators can be used to provide distributed, onsite production and storage of high volumes of hydrogen fuel along the periphery of hydrogen highways to meet growing demand.

Diesel generators release up to 50 times more pollutants and NOx compared to large combustion plants. The addition of D-HAT can significantly reduce harmful diesel exhaust emissions while also reducing fuel costs.

Over 90,000 heavy marine vessels burn the dirtiest bunker fuels on the market. HOD Tec generators can help to eliminate the scrubbers and filters while cleaning up the dirty exhaust.

Over 1.2 billion diesel freight trucks account for 20% of global pollution. D-HAT generators are guaranteed to make your diesel engines run cleaner and more efficiently.

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