Accelerating the Transition

To the Hydrogen Economy

Our Story

Hydrogen On Demand Technologies is an early-stage Silicon Valley-based original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that provides sustainable hydrogen solutions to bring about a sensible transition towards clean energy, resulting in a triple bottom line improvement for diesel fleet operations and our planet.

Our Diesel Hydrogen Assist Technology (D-HAT™) generators are independently verified to improve the combustion efficiency of large diesel engines, thereby, increasing fuel mileage, decreasing engine maintenance, and significantly reducing harmful diesel emissions.

The Problems We Solve

Hydrogen is not only the universe’s most abundant element, it’s also the world’s cleanest source of energy. For decades hydrogen has held the greatest promise for a clean energy future. But its potential has been throttled by the practicalities of production, storage and distribution.

  • Expensive to produce:

    Producing pure hydrogen currently remains a highly centralized and expensive process that requires more resources to produce than it returns in energy value.

  • Difficult to store:

    Formerly, when stored as a gas, hydrogen broke down most containers. Stored as a liquid, it requires expensive cryogenics and intensive safety infrastructure.

  • Expensive to transport:

    Centrally produced in volume, today’s hydrogen must be transported to the infrastructure and compressed in tanks from which it is ultimately consumed.

Hydrogen on Demand Technologies

Enter Hydrogen On Demand Technologies

Hydrogen On Demand Technologies overcomes the limitations of traditional hydrogen production by extracting hydrogen from distilled water through the use of our patented PEM cell technology. Our system produces up to 99.9% pure hydrogen when and where it’s needed—onsite or onboard—instead of producing, storing and transporting it centrally using large, expensive refinery operations. Our total process is clean, generating no carbon emissions.

We champion sustainable progress by providing a bridge technology for today’s diesel fleets to operate more profitably and sustainably with dramatically reduced harmful emissions. We’ll also meet tomorrow’s zero-emissions fuel requirements by extending the footprint of hydrogen production (from centralized to distributed) to the periphery of the hydrogen fuel infrastructure through the power of Hydrogen On Demand Tech. 

Every diesel engine, generator or fueling station where we can install a Hydrogen On Demand generator represents a significant step towards a cleaner and more sustainable planet. For everyone on the Hydrogen On Demand Technologies team, there’s no better time for this than right now.

Hydrogen on Demand Technologies

Our Vision

We’re here to bring about a sensible transition from a hydrocarbon economy to a Hydrogen Economy through innovative fuel solutions to meet existing and future global demands.

Hydrogen on Demand Technologies

Our Mission

We are an environmentally impactful company whose mission is to improve environmental outcome of diesel operations while transitioning into the future of zero emissions operations.

Hydrogen on Demand Technologies

Our Values

The Hydrogen On Demand Technologies team is a close-knit group of tech entrepreneurs and engineers united in our enthusiasm for making the planet a better place to live. We’re committed to intellectual honesty and ethical integrity in everything we do. We energize each other through open collaboration, a shared sense of social responsibility and total commitment to making a positive difference by solving the world’s energy challenges.

Meet Our Team

Hydrogen On Demand Technologies was founded by a group of Silicon Valley executives with more than 100 years of successful high-tech startup, manufacturing, sales, distribution and marketing experience. The HOD Tech team is well versed in bringing new technologies to market, scaling successful businesses and managing world-class channel programs. The team includes:

Hydrogen on Demand Technologies

Gary Johnson

President & CEO

Founded 3 successful startups with 2 IPOs and 1 acquisition: Click Software, Procera Networks & BSDI. Executive in 3 other IPO startups: Tandem Computers, Convergent Technologies, Santa Cruz Operations (SCO).

Hydrogen on Demand Technologies

Stefan Sjoestroem

President APAC

Former VP Public Sector Asia for Microsoft
and VP EMEA for Citrix.

Hydrogen on Demand Technologies

Tony De Vico

Vice President, North America Sales

Built a $1.1B, B2B sales channel from
the ground up for the world’s largest electronics distributor.

Hydrogen on Demand Technologies

Chas Ogden

Vice President, Engineering

Specializes in Mechanical/Electrical systems design, testing, and manufacturing. He is a graduate of the University of Wyoming in mechanical engineering.

Hydrogen on Demand Technologies

John Detwiler

Director, International Operations

35+ years of experience in the marine industry: Navy and Coast Guard, sailed in the Merchant Marines and was Electrical Superintendent for Stolt Nielsen followed by Senior Superintendent for Vships.

Hydrogen on Demand Technologies

Yasuo Kida

General Manager Japan

A former senior executive of Microsoft with more than 30 years of experience leading technology market development efforts, Kida-san brings a wealth of experience to the leadership team with Hydrogen on Demand Technologies.

Join Our Team

There’s boundless energy at Hydrogen On Demand Technologies, and it’s not just the hydrogen kind. The HOD Tech team works hard every day to deliver innovative fuel solutions that improve environmental and financial outcomes for existing diesel fleet operations while transitioning into the future of zero-emissions operations.

HOD Tech offers competitive salary and benefits as well as the excitement of taking an active role in changing the world. If you're driven to make a difference and want to be part of an innovative and energetic team, we'd love to hear from you.

Hydrogen on Demand Technologies