With Transformative On-Board DHAT™ Diesel Hydrogen Assist Technology

Diesel: The Workhorse Of Our Global Economy

Diesel is the workhorse of our global economy, packing more joules of energy per kilogram than any other carbon-based fuel. It moves more goods for less, so fleet operators make more money. That’s why 90% of all global goods are transported by diesel.

However, diesel exhaust accounts for 35% of global greenhouse gas emissions, putting fleet operators under increasing pressure to become cleaner and to transition to zero-emission fuel.

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Improve Engine Performance

Increase the performance, productivity and longevity of your diesel equipment.

Increase Operating Profitability

Increase fuel economy by up to 10% and decrease maintenance costs up to 30%.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Reduce harmful emissions to below existing EPA and CARB standards.

Hydrogen on Demand Technologies

The Practical Pathway To Cleaner,
More Efficient Operations

Hydrogen On Demand Technologies is the worldwide original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of Diesel Hydrogen Assist Technology (D-HAT™) that equips diesel fleet operators with a practical pathway to cleaner, more efficient operations. D-HAT is a certified and warrantied aftermarket onboard hydrogen generator. Through electrolysis, using our patented PEM cell technology, it separates distilled water into hydrogen and oxygen, producing pure hydrogen on demand. The hydrogen is infused into the fuel-air mixture via the air intake of any large diesel engine’s combustion chamber to enhance the fuel burn.

By delivering the optimum amount of hydrogen into your engine at the right time, D-HAT increases its combustion efficiency from approximately 70% to 95% or higher. This not only makes your equipment run with greater fuel-efficiency and dramatically reduced emissions, but it also delivers significantly improved fleet operations.

DHAT 1000 front view

Benefits That Add Up To A Triple Bottom Line Improvement

For diesel fleet operators up against razor-thin margins, D-HAT hydrogen generators are an effective way to contribute to operational efficiency and increased profitability. By squeezing out more energy per combustion event, D-HAT is proven to increase fuel mileage, decrease engine maintenance and reduce emissions, delivering a triple bottom line improvement to your operations.

Hydrogen on Demand Technologies


Improve Engine Performance

Hydrogen on Demand Technologies

Go Further with up to 95%+ combustion efficiency

What it does:

D-HAT’s hydrogen-assisted technology helps diesel fuel burn more completely, producing increased combustion efficiency for improved engine performance.

How it helps:

Increases torque, delivering more power using less fuel, thereby, improving overall performance, utilization and longevity of your diesel assets.


Increase operating profitability

Hydrogen on Demand Technologies

Go further with fuel and maintenance savings

What it does:

Fast-burning hydrogen causes the diesel fuel to burn more completely, producing fewer partially burned hydrocarbon emissions, so your diesel-powered equipment runs cleaner and more efficiently longer.

How it helps:

By eliminating carbon build up inside the engine, D-HAT will increase fuel savings and decrease maintenance costs.


Reduce Environmental Footprint

Hydrogen on Demand Technologies

Go further in your sustainability initiatives

What it does:

D-HAT increases the combustion speed, thereby, more completely burning the hydrocarbons in the fuel. Less partially burned fuel means far fewer pollutants.

How it helps:

Reduce the harmful effects of pollution from your fleet operations to below existing EPA and CARB standards.

Hydrogen On Demand By The Numbers

No matter the metric used—engine performance, financial gains, or environmental
impact—D-HAT takes your diesel fleet operations further.

Engine Performance


Increased conversion efficiency of combustion for a vastly more complete burn.

Fleet Managers:

Learn how D-HAT can increase the torque, efficiency, and performance of your diesel fleet.

Operating Profitability


Increased fuel savings.

Financial Officers:

Learn how D-HAT can increase your profitability through reduced fuel and maintenance cost improvements.

Environmental Impact


Reduce environmental footprint, along with significant reductions in NOx and CO2 emissions.

Sustainability Officers:

Learn how D-HAT can immediately lower the environmental impact of your diesel fleet operations.

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